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Our 24 Hour Electrical Contractors

24 Hour Electrician Las Vegas brings you the highest quality electricians from Vegas and Henderson to handle your emergency. Our technicians fully licensed, bonded, insured and equipped for both residential and commercial jobs.

No matter the size of your project, we’re here to help. Some of our clients are as big as Walmart, Lulu Lemon, and MGM Casinos. Others are our neighbors and the local residents of our beautiful city. 

Our electricians take pride in their work and put customer service and satisfaction first. By showing up on time, being transparent with pricing, and being professional with you, we can guarantee you the best possible experience you can have when hiring an electrician in Las Vegas or Henderson.

Available 24 Hours

Your electrical emergency won’t wait for a convenient time to happen. We understand and are ready to help.

Top Ranked

We’re the top ranked company on Google because we’ve been serving the Nevada community since 2011.

Professional & Punctual

Our technicians show up on top and will treat you with the upmost respect. Customer service is our priority.

Transparent Pricing

Get upfront quotes and estimates. never worry about up charges. Our prices you can trust.

Serving Nevada Since 2011

Work with professionals you can trust. Having been around since 2011, 24 Hour Electrician Las Vegas takes pride in lighting up the local communities. We offers a wide range of electrical services ranging from electrical wiring, service inspections, breaker installations, solar, home projects, commercial projects, and pretty much anything you can think of. Call us right away to get started with your service estimate.

Speak With a Licensed, Commercial or Residential 24 Hour Electrician

At some point, you are going to experience an electrical problem that can only be fixed by a licensed professional. And chances are, you will need a 24 hour electrician who can be there at any time. Many property owners in Las Vegas struggle with emergency electrical problems. Our team of highly experienced, and licensed electricians work around the clock, to make sure that you can quickly get all your electrical problems resolved.

Reliable, Consistent, Around-the-Clock Electricians

When you are experiencing an emergency, the #1 thing you need is for a professional to show up fast, and to show up on time. An electrical problem can get out hand extremely fast, leading to catastrophic power outages or even damaging fires. After your initial call, our technicians will quickly rush to the scene and get to work. Regardless of the scale of your problem, you can trust us to be there on time and to fix it. Our near perfect rating comes from the quality and the speed of the service we provide, and that is something we take pride in.

Do not wait any longer, give us the chance to service you today!

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

We understand that problems will not wait for a convenient time to happen. Maybe your current electrician is going to make you wait hours before fixing your problem. For whatever your case may be, we have a 24 hour electrician on stand-by, ready to rescue your electrical systems in case of an emergency.

Licensed Residential & Commercial Electricians

Our staff is trained to handle any electrical problem regardless of the size. Maybe you need something as small as an electrical panel tune up or an electrical breaker installation. Or maybe you need to light up an entire parking lot. For all your needs, we will be there.

We are proud to be the #1 Las Vegas Electricians, and are well-equipped for both residential, and commercial problems.

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